The EFS PACE Program

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs are an easy and effective way to drive energy efficiency, water conservation and clean energy improvements in commercial buildings. PACE programs provide long-term, low-cost capital for qualifying projects. The PACE financing mechanism has been used nationwide for decades to fund property improvements that meet a public purpose.   

The Wisconsin PACE Commission: Bringing PACE to Wisconsin

PACE Financing Benefits

  • Interested building owners can enter into a voluntary property assessment
  • Assessment funds 100% of the upfront cost of a qualifying project
  • Repayment via an assessment added to property owner’s tax bill—payment can be spread over 20 years (based on the life of the project)

EFS PACE: The low-cost way to drive energy efficiency improvements in your community

  • Helps units of government (Districts) establish a PACE program
  • Builds off local programs to create regional options
  • Streamlines program administration—at no cost or liability to your District
  • Leverage an open market platform

EFS PACE programs benefit a broad range of stakeholders:

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